Long & Winding road con’t

Running to Memphis


We started our day in Conway AK, very early as Natalie & I were running in a 1/2 marathon relay. Natalie was going 1st running 6 miles. I  would meet her at the transfer point and finish the last 7.1miles. It was crisp and clear, the sun was shining and we were off and running. Had a great time on the course, all the people we met were small town friendly even if it was not such a small town. After crossing the finish line we got cleaned up and packed and off we went heading towards Memphis.

The drive to Memphis was a short 3 hours,compared to other days we have had, but with starbucks in hand and a short stop in Little Rock to admire the blooming flowers on the passing trolley’s window boxes and get a few coins in the pocket we were off. The leaves of the turning trees nestled in little pockets amongst the sprawling farms of Arkansas permitted a glimpse of the beauty that was autumn.

With the mighty Mississippi river flowing beneath us it seemed surreal that we were entering the Birthplace of Rock’n’roll. Wow. Your mind drifts and you are sitting in the diner in January 1956  and over the radio comes Elvis singing “Heartbreak Hotel”, what a time that must have been. Well we were in a diner but not in 56. Sitting at a table at the “Cozy Corner Restaurant” we were having in my opinion THE best BBQ ribs I had ever eaten. Gave new meaning to the term Mouth Watering. Absolutely delicious. Leaving the quaint little hideaway, we meandered along the streets seeing the history on display in the homes and neighbourhoods. You could almost envision the horse drawn carriages plodding down the dirt streets. Arriving at our hotel we reflected on the day that was and entered the lobby with a smile on our faces.   


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