Long & Winding Road con’t

From burgers to Conway, AK

Left late that morning, but made a pit stop on our way out of town. Nik’s Grill – breakfast of champions! He opened at 11am there was already a line up out the door, you see Nik’s only seats about 15 people, by the time we got a seat the line up was twice as long as when we arrived and that was when he opened for lunch.

We left with a smile on our face and one of the best bugers I have ever had, and away we went, Conway here we come. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, big fluffy white clouds meandered across the lazy afternoon sky. The farther east we drove the more the trees started to show their autumn colors. Sure looking forward to seeing the Ozarks.

One of the best billboard signs we saw was one of many of the truck stop’s offering “Clean bathrooms” in big bold print. May the cleanest Lou win. That is a must when traveling many miles on the open road. As this was a short day for driving we got to our Hotel early and went to the local Walmart for a few things. I now know we were in the “South”, not even that far south when you think about it.

The parking lot had an abundance of pickup trucks with gun racks mounted in the rear window. There were a lot of people wearing camouflage clothing and the like. The speech of the locals had a faint drawl to it, but the hospitality was there in abundance to welcome us to their town.


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