Long & winding road cont’

Snow & other Hwy Sight’s


We packed the car in the chilly morning air and were on our way, heading for the Lone Star state and beyond. The sun was shining and the air was very crisp and there was a skiff of snow on the ground, an hour later and it was several inches. The poor cattle, roaming the snowy plains, reminded me of an old western movie.The sign told us we were leaving New Mexico and entering Texas but I don’t think the landscape got the memo, still lots of snow, white haired tumble weeds and cacti with dandruff. Texas is known for lots of reasons, Lone star state, the Cowboys, Oil, and especially cattle, when you see a sign on the side of the road offering you a 72oz steak for free you know you must be in Texas.

We did not quite make Amarillo by morning, for you 80’s country music fans, but arrived in the early afternoon for lunch, found Baker Bros for a great pulled pork sandwich and a bowl of hot chilli. Discovered a chocolate house next door and some hot coffee across the street and we were set for the next leg of our journey. Many people have said that it is not only the destination that is the vacation but the road that leads you there as well. It’s true, we saw some fantastic sights even from the busy freeways and met some memorable people along the way.


Our old friend “Route 66” came along and said hi now and again, we saw cattle ranches that butted right up against the freeway showing their wares, um I mean herds. There were Holsteins as far as the eye could see, that’s a lot of beef.

As we neared a railway overpass we witnessed in the distance what we thought was a cross of sorts. Upon closer inspection the sign on the side of the road read “Largest cross in the Northern Hemisphere” We must have been in the Bible belt of the state.

We passed through the narrowest part of Texas, heading towards Oklahoma City. Seeing giant windmills along our path is a great sight, seeing that they are making use of natural power. The twinkling lights of Oklahoma City seek us out through the now pouring rain. When you change your reservation make sure you put in the new directions as I found out. We made it to the hotel only to find out we were at the wrong one. Not great when you been on the road for 10hrs, Natalie was not happy and neither was I. We finally made it and heated up our Mac & Cheese from the standard diner in Albuquerque and passed out in bed. Fortunately we had a short day tomorrow.


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