Long & winding road cont’

                                                                                        Vegas and beyond


Vegas was….well Vegas. It has everything and then some for those looking for anything different.  My jury is still out on the new City centre, for me personally, it does not belong. It felt like you’re in the middle of a big metropolitan downtown, but that is only my opinion. I will say this that when Vegas does something, it is go BIG or go home. And that is City centre, it is big glitzy and classy.

To see this town when it was in its heyday would have been something, the Sands, the Dunes, Desert Inn, Hacienda, all the good old hotels that gave Vegas its roots and foundation of what it is today, would have been something to see. But with all that Vegas is, it still hides little hints of yesterday that wink at you if you know where to look.

Leaving the city that never sleeps, the highway slides through the hills like a snake on its belly. Our travels took us into Arizona south of the Grand Canyon and through the town made famous by that great 70’s band, the Eagles. Winslow AZ.

I stood on the corner and it was a fine sight to see, even in the pouring rain. I can see why they chose that corner, as Route 66 passes right through the heart of town. Leaving the nostalgia behind we carried on into the desert, it was hard to imagine what was in the minds of the early pioneers when they came upon this amazing vista. Would we have the heart to settle in the middle of nowhere like they did?

Our modern freeway intermingles many times with historic 66, often along one side the ole classic travels with us for many miles and then veers off to visit a small town that has now been past by. We crossed into New Mexico as night fell upon us. One of our longest driving days drawing to a close, we stopped at the Standard Diner in Albuquerque for some comfort food and reflected on the day that was.


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