Long and winding road

This is the 1st instalment in a series of posts from a Roadtrip my wife and I took. We traveled from Surrey, BC to Charleston, SC and then home again via New Orleans. Feedback would be appreciated, hope you enjoy.

Into the night


Our headlights pointed south as we left the border, not knowing what the night had in store for us. We Stopped in Bellingham to get fuel for both us and the car, and away we went. I have never been one to be able to sleep in a moving vehicle, car, plane, or otherwise and this was no different. Laying flat in the seat tossing and turning for a number of hours was as good as it was going to get. We stopped at a gas station in the middle of the night, and Oregon. I think we were more excited to be there than the attendant on shift. After some food, fresh air and less than fresh coffee, we were off with my wife now horizontal in the back seat. She can sleep anywhere and through anything.

As we drove through the coastal range and into the Klamath mountains near Medford, it was amazing to see the full moon that seemed to follow our every move. I now realized it had been with us the whole night, catching a glimpse every now and then just to make sure we were OK.  We crept along toward daylight as we crossed the California border, aahh that much closer to warmer weather. As the sky awoke in the east I had crested a ridge and the pavement trail I was on layed flat before me. At the end of the highway she stood, tall, proud, and silhouetted by the waking sun. Mount Shasta in all her glory welcomed us to Cali!

Another item on the horizon that morning, breakfast. After driving all night it was time to refuel for a long day. My wife took the wheel and aimed our car into the sunshine. Beautiful country as we drove into the Sacramento Valley, teeming with vineyards , farmland, Orange groves, and spotted with little communities. We hit Sacramento and split off the I-5, now heading southeast on Hwy 99 through the San Joaquin Valley with all her treasures display in the bright welcoming sunshine.

Bakersfield came upon us in the late afternoon heat, which in turn, we thought, would be the perfect time to get a good cup of coffee, something with some bite to it. Yes it was time for a Starbucks.

Eastbound toward Vegas, a familiar friend descended upon us, the clear night sky greeted us while we passed through Barstow and joined us toward our journeys end. It seemed to me that the longer you’re on the road and the closer you are to your destination, the more antsy you get to arrive there, and this was no exception.

On our descent from the Mccullough Range Mountains you encounter a toboggan ride as the highway journeys into Vegas. The city lights play peek a boo with you the closer you get. Like rolling steps down the side of the mountains, one minute you see it and it’s right there, then it’s taken away from you until you get to the next rise and it shows itself again. Frustrating and beautiful all in the same breath.


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