On Ice


My hands could feel the warmth of the coffee seeping though the mug as I made my way up to the viewing deck. Getting up this early is not my idea of fun, work is one thing but on holidays? The things we do to stand in awe at the pristine beauty of the world.

Once I reached the top deck, it became clear to me why people make the most of this opportunity. It literally takes your breath away. The sun is slowly sneaking above the mountain peaks, to see if you are behaving yourself. It lights up the fjord allowing you to witness these white blankets of ice baring themselves, just for you.

We stopped in the center of the frigid watery bay, my coffee was long gone, I cannot believe the beauty of the place that is in front of me. You see cracks in the ice, if you have binoculars you can witness the deep ice blue glow that is hidden within. This may sound odd but if you get a close enough look the ice is so blue it’s almost clear. Absolutely amazing.

One glacier slid down and peaked around a grassy meadow before dropping itself out of sight.  As it cascaded beneath the glassy surface, it joined with the sky and draped its soul across the still water, laying itself bare for us witness. Another floe sitting off to the side was bathed in the morning sunshine. It sat in a valley and was nestled and protected by the mountain above like a Mother cradling her newborn baby.

Time has passed us by and it is with regret that we had to leave this tranquil setting. Our floating home slowly starts turning and we point her bow toward the next adventure. As I look forward, the scene reminds me of when I was a kid and I’m sitting beside an outdoor ice rink lacing up my skates, the bay is like a sheet of glass and I feel like I could skate to the other side. Thanks captain for an unforgettable exit.


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