Island Hideaway

Feeling the plane fall as we start our downward coast to the tiny island, I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to be isolated from the rest of the world the way you are out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Looking out the window I see the brilliant sunshine slicing through the layers of clouds creating a painter’s palate of red and orange streaks as if to say this is our Fijian welcome and it’s just for you.

When stepping out of the terminal, your sense of smell is drawn to the damp fragrance that is the south pacific’s own perfume. It is something that is not duplicated anywhere else on this beautiful planet, and can be quite intoxicating in its own whimsical way.

The waves splash out the side of our water taxi as we make our way to the island. This is the only way to get there, no airport, no bridges or roads it is not big enough for either which is why it was chosen. You can walk around it in about an hour- no one would go any faster, not out here, there’s no reason to.

Our taxi stops a few hundred feet off shore and a small aluminum fishing boat pulls up alongside and we pass our bags and hop on board for our final leg of our journey. The taxi takes off and we slowly make our way to our new home for the next few days. The bottom of the sea is rising fast to meet us and showing us its beauty along the way, the same painter was sharing his handy work here as well using a vast array of water colors in the contrast of fish we saw, it all works in harmony in the depths of the ocean. Everything, fish, plant, algae, and all sea creatures know exactly their place. Marvelous.

Walking off the wooden dock onto the pearl white sand that sinks with every step, it’s hard to believe you are really here. All the planning, dreaming, and packing and now you’re on one of the most perfect, solitarie islands in the world. Only you and a handful of others like you will call this home.

Our Bure,( hut in Fijian) is close enough to the waters edge that you feel you could reach out with your hand and dip a finger in it from your bed. It’s basic and luxurious all at the same time. We feel we don’t deserve all this but in reality we didn’t pay for the beauty of the place, we paid to come and witness it in all it’s beauty. After being treated like royalty for dinner, we retreated to our one room palace on the beach. Walking out of our doorway and across the powdery lawn, we dreamily slipped into the hammock and drifted off to sleep, the last scene that plays through our mind is that of the crimson sun kissing the ocean as it says goodnight.


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