On Ice


My hands could feel the warmth of the coffee seeping though the mug as I made my way up to the viewing deck. Getting up this early is not my idea of fun, work is one thing but on holidays? The things we do to stand in awe at the pristine beauty of the world.

Once I reached the top deck, it became clear to me why people make the most of this opportunity. It literally takes your breath away. The sun is slowly sneaking above the mountain peaks, to see if you are behaving yourself. It lights up the fjord allowing you to witness these white blankets of ice baring themselves, just for you. Continue reading


On the Rocks in New Port RI

 040                                                                  On the Rock’s in Newport Rhode Island

I now know what the rubber ducky felt like as we sat in the tender bouncing up and down with the waves. We were on our way into the town of Newport RI to discover the Cliff walk.

As we left the ship and entered the harbor, I was transfixed by the idyllic setting of this tiny coastal town. The rows of sailing ships their sails tucked away for the upcoming winter season, welcomed us to their quiet way of life. The sun smiled as it sparkled on the water. Continue reading

Island Hideaway

Feeling the plane fall as we start our downward coast to the tiny island, I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to be isolated from the rest of the world the way you are out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Looking out the window I see the brilliant sunshine slicing through the layers of clouds creating a painter’s palate of red and orange streaks as if to say this is our Fijian welcome and it’s just for you. Continue reading